something that bugs me

I feel a little nervous posting this on something potential employers will see, but I guess that is why I’d post something like this at all. I get frustrated when employers are looking for a “3DsMax guy” or something. I can only work for you if I cite that I’m a pro at this one software package? I was born in the 90s, all I do is learn new computer skills. I have the concepts of modeling, rigging, animating, rendering it really doesn’t change to much package to package. It’ll take me an hour to relearn all the stuff I know in Maya in C4D, and that is an hour that I can do in my own time. It’ll only take me a few days to pick up the finer points. I mean I understand if you are looking for someone to build PyQT GUIs in Maya, that is pretty niche. but i know how to model and rig, where I’m doing it isn’t much of a hurdle. Maybe I’m wrong.