Philly Dev Night

My Monkey Buddy


Want a free video game? Here! This month’s game jam at Philly Dev Night was kindly sponsored by our new friends over at Three Rings. The theme was ‘My Monkey Buddy’ since Three Rings just put out a mobile Super Monkey Ball game! My pal Camden and I put together a fun little game about an organ grinder and a thieving monkey. You need a controller to play, spin the left stick to grind the organ. This distracts the rich folks in the street, when they are distracted a green circle will appear behind them, then using the right stick to steer the monkey buddy, just stand behind them to pick their pockets! You have to return the money to the organ grinder to bank it otherwise if you get caught you’ll lose all the money the monkey is holding. Its a real rub your head and pat your tummy situation.

I came up with concept and did the art/animations

Camden did the programming and implementation (and sweet lighting!)

And our buddies Dare Oredipe and Dan Halma did the music and sounds! (Dare is a very convincing monkey voice actor.)

again you NEED a controller. maybe i’ll make a mobile port???

Window Version

Mac Version