facial animation progress

Been working on my character animation 2 face. This is the rough cut i suppose. I started by blocking in the head motion, adding eye movement and blinking to get some of the rhythm down. then I blocked in the opening and closing of the mouth, then wide and tight. started adding some expression and visemes to round it out. then got the eyebrows in a little. a lot more to do to make sure the timing and speed is deliberate. and i think i need to tweak things and add a lot of subtle things but i think this is all the big movements i want. audio is also pretty quiet so i’ll have to fix that somehow.

Character Animation 2 rough draft from Steve Pettit on Vimeo.

character animation 2 sketch

for character animation 2 this term the assignment is to create a 30 second animation focusing on the face and lip synching. this is my character for that, i hope to get him fully modeled and rigged including the parts that won’t be shown in this assignment so i will have a character of my own to animate so i won’t have to use some downloaded character. for the lip synch track i’m going to use this clip from ferris bueller’s day off.

To-do List

Things that gotta get down ’round here!

base theme:


-Post all folio stuff.

-finish “Friends” blogroll


-Steve Pettit in text (not image) next to logo

– Move nav to right



-Pixel font

-Footer green and yellow to blue gradient.

-Pixel guy in Footer


-Fix difference in link color and titles that happen to be links color

-Fix hover states

-Resume styled


-Build custom Portfolio post template

-Pull Poster Images from folio posts to Portfolio page

-filter for Poster Images/folio posts

-link Poster Images to posts

-Contact form (remember submit button this time)

-Resume Template (with pdf download link)



Here is my quick drawing of Scott the horrible intern for my professional practice class. i forget what the assignment was already. we had metaphors for items? practicing the creative process i think. he reminds me of that one kinda dumb cop on Psych that gets picked on but is always super nice to Shawn.