Dot Com Bomb

Currently I’m taking an experimental games class. Its been a really amazing experience. Every 2 weeks a random team of students needs to make a game with some sort of experimental element based on a theme. Its a whole term of game jams! I really love the chance to brush up on my game programming and to see how quickly I can turn out art. The first week’s theme was bubbles, so I made a very silly game about the 1990s dot com bubble burst. You have a beautiful GeoCities style webpage and you are presented buzzwords as marquee text. You must hold all the letters down for your stock prices to go up. Some words however will not be successful and will make your stock drop twice as fast. At any time you can bail out, take the money and run. Its a race against the clock until your inevitable bankruptcy! ┬áThe main issue I ran into is KRO or keyboard roll over. Most keyboards only allow about 4 inputs. This game is best played on a mechanical keyboard, or if you are daring 2 keyboards.┬áMusic credit to Knife City aka Luke Silas.

Play It Here!