3D modeling

Christmas Cards

I made some Christmas cards in maya this year. I’m trying out a style I’ve seen in a few places, namely Turnislefthome¬†and the David O’Reilly episode of Adventure Time. Basically its just using a ramp shader, making a good color scheme, and applying that to a mesh with the edges hardened. Hard edges are zero degree normals I believe. The ramp shader is also set to Facing Ratio so that the color is pulled based on the ratio of the camera angle and the normal angle. Then I drop a mental ray ambient occlusion on them to give it a little nicer shading. The mesh’s surface is edited with the Transform Component tool to add some variation. It is kind of like noise, but I may write my own vertex noise tool since Transform Component isn’t the greatest tool to use. It took a while to mess with the lighting. All in all it was a fun break from animation and everyone seemed to like them.

candle xmasRender_02 yulelog