work in progress

character animation 2 sketch

for character animation 2 this term the assignment is to create a 30 second animation focusing on the face and lip synching. this is my character for that, i hope to get him fully modeled and rigged including the parts that won’t be shown in this assignment so i will have a character of my own to animate so i won’t have to use some downloaded character. for the lip synch track i’m going to use this clip from ferris bueller’s day off.

Game Workshop Game is Wrapping Up

while not quite done, and nowhere near perfect (i suppose final beta-beta?) our game is starting to come along great. the enemies are still the big problem. i won’t go into it… its very frustrating having animated them all weeks ago but due to  reasons they aren’t in the game. oh well. also now its a downloadable for mac, pc, and linuxxx

breakin stuff makin stuff

working on stuff for workshop game, which i refuse to call chaise lounge cause thats a dumb name. anyway in wacky zany brain game i’ve recently done what i assume to be art director duties and fixed all the problems. we have objects out of scale, objects sharing the same textures, objects clipping strangely. a mess. so i fixed it, did a lot of housekeeping so now the level designers can jump in super easily pull in whatever they need, in part thanks to Kent Pasquino’s neat level building tool he built.

i also broke the floor prefab so its invisible. YAY! fixin that

also animated some combat moves.

hamma time

Pre-Alpha Game Build

been working on the animations for our workshop game. this build is pretty jacked up and there will be a better one coming on wednesday but i thought i’d post the first one to get my run cycle in and blended. trying out a lot of nonlinear animation with the Trax editor. to me it kind of seems like a way to avoid making duplicate files, everything done in Trax can be done in timeline as far as what i’m doing i’m fairly sure, Trax is just more convenient.