I’m Somewhere Else!

Hey I don’t use this site much anymore, but I think a lot of people still find the old Vicon Blade 2 tutorials so I’m leaving it up.

If you want to get in touch with me you can check out my new site http://letsgetwarmer.com or hit me up on twitter @space_bit or vimeo https://vimeo.com/spacecadet or cartrdge https://cartrdge.com/space_bit

The blog at my new site covers all my new game and motion capture stuff and will have more up to date tutorials on stuff in Blade 3, Motion Builder, Maya and maybe the occasional cycling and professional monster wrestling story.

something that bugs me

I feel a little nervous posting this on something potential employers will see, but I guess that is why I’d post something like this at all. I get frustrated when employers are looking for a “3DsMax guy” or something. I can only work for you if I cite that I’m a pro at this one software package? I was born in the 90s, all I do is learn new computer skills. I have the concepts of modeling, rigging, animating, rendering it really doesn’t change to much package to package. It’ll take me an hour to relearn all the stuff I know in Maya in C4D, and that is an hour that I can do in my own time. It’ll only take me a few days to pick up the finer points. I mean I understand if you are looking for someone to build PyQT GUIs in Maya, that is pretty niche. but i know how to model and rig, where I’m doing it isn’t much of a hurdle. Maybe I’m wrong.