Game Workshop Game is Wrapping Up

while not quite done, and nowhere near perfect (i suppose final beta-beta?) our game is starting to come along great. the enemies are still the big problem. i won’t go into it… its very frustrating having animated them all weeks ago but due to  reasons they aren’t in the game. oh well. also now its a downloadable for mac, pc, and linuxxx

ACM SIGGRAPH Drexel Chapter

Over in the right hand corner in the brown and white stripes is me. This is me teaching a packed room of Drexel students about split body animating with the Trax Editor in Maya and how to get started using Unity 4’s Mechanim. It was fun getting to take some time out of my busy schedule and show off some stuff I taught myself. I was super nervous, the facebook event said like 10 people, ended up being almost 30 i think ,yeesh. Drexel’s SIGGRAPH chapter might be the best thing about this major.

Maybe i’ll post some formal version of my notes as a tutorial later.

breakin stuff makin stuff

working on stuff for workshop game, which i refuse to call chaise lounge cause thats a dumb name. anyway in wacky zany brain game i’ve recently done what i assume to be art director duties and fixed all the problems. we have objects out of scale, objects sharing the same textures, objects clipping strangely. a mess. so i fixed it, did a lot of housekeeping so now the level designers can jump in super easily pull in whatever they need, in part thanks to Kent Pasquino’s neat level building tool he built.

i also broke the floor prefab so its invisible. YAY! fixin that

also animated some combat moves.

hamma time

Demo Reel 2012

Reel Breakdown

1. Would You Be Impressed?
Responsible for Animation, Modeling, Lighting and Rendering. Done for Character Animation 1, the animation shows rounded characters as they change over the course of a short animation. Not only were the characters supposed to be well animated, but also convey personality through movement, as they lack a face. The story is two men, one timid and the other confident fight over a women who is playing them against each other to receive the best gift. Ultimately the timid one snaps and becomes violent, the women realizes the error of her ways, and the confident jerk is knocked unconscious.

Software Used: Maya 2012, Renderman for Maya

Completed in 5 weeks.

Delirium is an isometric beat ’em built on randomization and re-playability. Players navigate the avatar, Bag Boy’s, mind, fighting his mental demons. Death is permanent and levels are made from randomly selected tiles. Weapons and power-ups are also dropped randomly by enemies. My role was art director and animator. I painted and sketched concept art for the team of 4 modelers and then took the models, critiqued, rigged and animated them. Each enemy had a very unique rig as did the player which made rigging a challenge. A feature that was built but never implemented was split body additive animations so that the player could move and attack simultaneously.

Software Used: Unity 3D, Maya 2012, Photoshop

Completed in 10 weeks.

3. Streblo
Responsible for all elements. Streblo or Megaptera Homarus, is a hybrid of a humpback whale, an American lobster, and a coconut crab. The low poly base mesh was built in Maya to get a solid animation ready edge flow. Then the low poly was sculpted in ZBrush and the UVs were done using the UV master plugin. The displacement map was brought back into Maya and the wireframes were rendered using Maya Vector. Water caustic gobo for flavor.

Software used: Maya, ZBrush, RenderMan, Nuke

Completed in 4 weeks.

4. Avalanchin’

Responsible for all elements. A game in which the player controls an avalanche and tries to eat skiiers, snowboarders and various other creatures while dodging obstacles. The game was built in Flash with Action Script 3. It was my first attempt at extensible object oriented programming. It has a hierarchy of classes that inherit common variables that are easily changed to make unique obstacles and edibles. As an added challenge I used took input from the player’s microphone to fill a ‘rage’ meter. When filled, the player becomes invincible and the red effect was created using Flash’s bitmap data class. The current version is a free flash game and a version with more features is in development for mobile devices.

Software used: Flash

Completed in 9 weeks.


Pre-Alpha Game Build

been working on the animations for our workshop game. this build is pretty jacked up and there will be a better one coming on wednesday but i thought i’d post the first one to get my run cycle in and blended. trying out a lot of nonlinear animation with the Trax editor. to me it kind of seems like a way to avoid making duplicate files, everything done in Trax can be done in timeline as far as what i’m doing i’m fairly sure, Trax is just more convenient.


super old youtube video

Sequelitis was a show started by Arin “Egoraptor” Harris that he kinda doesn’t do anymore do to other engagements. But in this video he really breaks down the fundamentals of what makes the Mega Man games work and why the X series really brought it to a new level. He has a lot of great game design insights since he has played so many games, and a lot of them seem like common sense, but devs should take note. the core ideas of the NES, SNES, Genesis era can really easily be applied to today’s games. to summarize: LEMONS

Sequelitis: Mega Man