Cool Stuff

URBN center

moved into the new building at drexel. its pretty great, exposed girders and pipes and cables, crazy MC Escher stairs, windows! I feel like a creep people watching though, can’t help it the whole building is glass inside.

downloaded the Art of Rigging from CG Toolkit and am hoping to get back on board the Houdini apprentice tuts. trying to apply to a bunch of places for internships. gonna see how it goes.

house of moves, epic, insomniac, naughty dogs, microsoft, irrational. well see how this goes i guess.

super old youtube video

Sequelitis was a show started by Arin “Egoraptor” Harris that he kinda doesn’t do anymore do to other engagements. But in this video he really breaks down the fundamentals of what makes the Mega Man games work and why the X series really brought it to a new level. He has a lot of great game design insights since he has played so many games, and a lot of them seem like common sense, but devs should take note. the core ideas of the NES, SNES, Genesis era can really easily be applied to today’s games. to summarize: LEMONS

Sequelitis: Mega Man

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Shooter

a great game article by Tom Bissle currently penning the new Gears of War. its really good to see people questioning this while understanding the role of violence in this medium.

“I play shooters because I like the pressure, the pressure of learning what to pay attention to in a realm where the ordinary governances of human behavior have been lifted.”

kinda psycho sounding but it really comes together.