Vicon Blade 2.0 Post Processing

Recently I’ve gotten into Motion Capture a lot, hoping to do a lot with it for an upcoming game. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do with these Vicon cameras and Mecanim in Unity, more on that later though. For now I wrote up a PDF on how to start doing some cleaning and solving in Vicon Blade 2. It is a really powerful and easy software and this tutorial will help get rid of noise and popping in animations before you bring them into MoBu, Maya, Unity or whatever you fancy. I learned a lot of this from my good friend Glenn Winters so check him out at I will be doing more things like this involving capturing data, bringing it into different software packages, and maybe dealing with Mecanim, but the Unity docs are pretty great on that stuff so that’ll be last if it happens.

Vicon Blade 2 Post Processing

Python rigging tools

Hey yall, I’ve been working on a couple quick little python scripts to speed up some basic maya rigging steps. I wrote them in python instead of mel, but now wish i had written them in pymel instead. what a crazy world this whole maya scripting thing is. anyway i’m gonna start posting some, feel free to take them, would you kindly  just leave my name on them 😀

duplicate and rename a hierarchy. useful for quickly creating multiple skeletons for IK/FK switches. the raw data popup is asking for a suffix to append to the name of the objects

#==Script by Steve Pettit==#
import maya.cmds as cmds
suffix = raw_input("Enter a suffix: ")
selection = = True)
cmds.duplicate(selection[0], n = selection[0] + suffix)[0] + suffix, hi=1)
dupSelection = = True)
relSel = cmds.listRelatives(dupSelection, children = True)
curParent = selection[0] + suffix
for i in relSel:
curSel = relSel[relSel.index(i)]
cmds.rename(curParent + '|' + curSel, curSel+ suffix)
curParent = curParent + '|' + curSel + suffix + '|'

these ones will create controls for fingers that make them curl when rotated down the finger chain

#==Script by Steve Pettit==#
hiSelection = = 1)
selection = = True)
fingerCtrl = cmds.curve(d=1, p=[(0,0,0),(0,3,0),(0,4,-1),(0,5,0),(0,4,1),(0,3,0)], k=[1,2,3,4,5,6])
cmds.pointConstraint(fingerCtrl, selection[0])
mult = cmds.createNode('multiplyDivide', n='myNode')
cmds.setAttr('myNode.input2X', -1)
cmds.connectAttr('myNode.outputX', selection[0]+'.rz')
cmds.connectAttr('myNode.outputX', selection[1]+'.rz')
cmds.connectAttr('myNode.outputX', selection[2]+'.rz')
hiSelection = = 1)
selection = = True)
fingerCtrl = cmds.curve(d=1, p=[(0,0,0),(0,3,0),(0,4,-1),(0,5,0),(0,4,1),(0,3,0)], k=[1,2,3,4,5,6])
cmds.pointConstraint(fingerCtrl, selection[0])
cmds.connectAttr(fingerCtrl+'.rz', selection[0]+'.rz')
cmds.connectAttr(fingerCtrl+'.rz', selection[1]+'.rz')
cmds.connectAttr(fingerCtrl+'.rz', selection[2]+'.rz')

that’s all for now friends. more later

facial animation progress

Been working on my character animation 2 face. This is the rough cut i suppose. I started by blocking in the head motion, adding eye movement and blinking to get some of the rhythm down. then I blocked in the opening and closing of the mouth, then wide and tight. started adding some expression and visemes to round it out. then got the eyebrows in a little. a lot more to do to make sure the timing and speed is deliberate. and i think i need to tweak things and add a lot of subtle things but i think this is all the big movements i want. audio is also pretty quiet so i’ll have to fix that somehow.

Character Animation 2 rough draft from Steve Pettit on Vimeo.

character animation 2 sketch

for character animation 2 this term the assignment is to create a 30 second animation focusing on the face and lip synching. this is my character for that, i hope to get him fully modeled and rigged including the parts that won’t be shown in this assignment so i will have a character of my own to animate so i won’t have to use some downloaded character. for the lip synch track i’m going to use this clip from ferris bueller’s day off.

ACM SIGGRAPH Drexel Chapter

Over in the right hand corner in the brown and white stripes is me. This is me teaching a packed room of Drexel students about split body animating with the Trax Editor in Maya and how to get started using Unity 4’s Mechanim. It was fun getting to take some time out of my busy schedule and show off some stuff I taught myself. I was super nervous, the facebook event said like 10 people, ended up being almost 30 i think ,yeesh. Drexel’s SIGGRAPH chapter might be the best thing about this major.

Maybe i’ll post some formal version of my notes as a tutorial later.

breakin stuff makin stuff

working on stuff for workshop game, which i refuse to call chaise lounge cause thats a dumb name. anyway in wacky zany brain game i’ve recently done what i assume to be art director duties and fixed all the problems. we have objects out of scale, objects sharing the same textures, objects clipping strangely. a mess. so i fixed it, did a lot of housekeeping so now the level designers can jump in super easily pull in whatever they need, in part thanks to Kent Pasquino’s neat level building tool he built.

i also broke the floor prefab so its invisible. YAY! fixin that

also animated some combat moves.

hamma time