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My team’s compositing final. Made in 5 weeks. The project required all team members track a shot, have a CG element contact a real world object, and key a greenscreen shot.

I was responsible for the camera work and assisted in lighting the shots on location. In addition I designed, modeled, textured and rigged the tentacle monster. I improved on my use of the IK spline tool and included other animation deformers, as well as built an easy enough rig for my whole team to use. Using reference videos of octopi and squid I got a more weight to my animations. The texture was created by combining several noise effects in After Effects that morphed over time. All of the keying, rotoing and compositing was done in Nuke and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Software Used:  Maya 2012, Modo, Nuke, MatchMover, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Headus UV layout.

Team Mates:

Matt Haas mjhaas.com/
Greg Lobanov dumbandfat.com/
Brian Kelley bpkelley.com/

3:13 AM