Vicon Blade 2.0 Post Processing

Recently I’ve gotten into Motion Capture a lot, hoping to do a lot with it for an upcoming game. Can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do with these Vicon cameras and Mecanim in Unity, more on that later though. For now I wrote up a PDF on how to start doing some cleaning and solving in Vicon Blade 2. It is a really powerful and easy software and this tutorial will help get rid of noise and popping in animations before you bring them into MoBu, Maya, Unity or whatever you fancy. I learned a lot of this from my good friend Glenn Winters so check him out at I will be doing more things like this involving capturing data, bringing it into different software packages, and maybe dealing with Mecanim, but the Unity docs are pretty great on that stuff so that’ll be last if it happens.

Vicon Blade 2 Post Processing