Would You Be Impressed?

Character Animation 1 project for Drexel University. Made in 6 weeks using Maya. Rendered with RFM. Responsible for animating 7 shots, storyboarding, lighting and rendering. Worked with Eric Martin and Ross Reagan.

Game Workshop Game is Wrapping Up

while not quite done, and nowhere near perfect (i suppose final beta-beta?) our game is starting to come along great. the enemies are still the big problem. i won’t go into it… its very frustrating having animated them all weeks ago but due to  reasons they aren’t in the game. oh well. also now its a downloadable for mac, pc, and linuxxx


ACM SIGGRAPH Drexel Chapter

Over in the right hand corner in the brown and white stripes is me. This is me teaching a packed room of Drexel students about split body animating with the Trax Editor in Maya and how to get started using Unity 4’s Mechanim. It was fun getting to take some time out of my busy schedule and show off some stuff I taught myself. I was super nervous, the facebook event said like 10 people, ended up being almost 30 i think ,yeesh. Drexel’s SIGGRAPH chapter might be the best thing about this major.

Maybe i’ll post some formal version of my notes as a tutorial later.